YPO Leadership Development Network A+ Accelerator Applications Open

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YPO Leadership Development Network A+ Accelerator Applications Open

The YPO Leadership Development Network A+ Accelerator is now accepting applications until the 2nd of November 2020.

You will have to meet a number of criteria including:

1) be an operating business legally licensed in your country;
2) have at least 1 full-time committed person working in the business;
3) being a “tech-leveraged” business model where you have developed some form of unique technology or are using existing technologies in very unique ways;
4) have paying customers OR have a prototype in use or advanced research suggesting potential market fit; and
5) have a YPO member who will write a recommendation for you (you need their name and email address to complete this application).

The program is now expanding to operate worldwide via collaboration between YPO, the premiere leadership network for CEOs worldwide, and local angel investors.

The ultimate goal of the program is to accelerate the growth of the next generation of sustainable businesses and create significant numbers of high-paying jobs in our local communities. 

Read More and Apply HERE.

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