Whether you have an idea, are starting up, growing or accelerating your business, we aim to connect you to investors, resources, templates, tools, markets and mentorship that are useful and tailored to entrepreneurs’ unique business needs.

We are a group of like minded individuals and organisations to help entrepreneurs get off the ground. Whether it’s finding funding, mentors or as simple as recommending shared office spaces.


There is a need to create a single, comprehensive national entrepreneurial portal
that aggregates all the resources that share information, opportunities, networks,
access to funding, access to market information and links,
for high impact high growth businesses in South Africa.

Stages of the business


This is the stage when you will come up with, what you think, is a solution to answer a need you perceive to be present in the market.


Once you have throughly canvassed and tested your business idea and are satisfied that it is ready to go, it’s time to make…

Early Stage

If you are at this stage your business should already be generating a consistent source of income and regularly taking on new customers.


At this stage you might feel there is almost a routine-like feel to your business, businesses often see rapid growth in both revenue and cashflow…


Having navigated the various stages of the business lifecycle, your company should be seeing stable annual profits.

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