Wadhwani Foundation regional launch of the Advanced Entrepreneurship Start-up Lab Program.

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Wadhwani Foundation regional launch of the Advanced Entrepreneurship Start-up Lab Program.

Wadhwani Foundation Southern Africa is proud to launch a merit scholarship based entry into its Advanced Entrepreneurship Program – ‘WF Start-up Lab’ allowing entrepreneurs access to this program and the resources that the program opens up beyond the program. 

The Start-up LAB Program allows students and entrepreneurs lateral entry into the WF Advanced Entrepreneurship Program, without the prerequisite completion of the Foundational program. The course content and delivery model has also been adapted to suit the online mode and be impactful/beneficial to advanced start-up entrepreneurs outside of the academic environment. Accepted applicants will be part of only 6 cohorts (15 entrepreneurs in a cohort) to be launched in Southern Africa.

Who is eligible?

Any early stage entrepreneur who is / has

  • Developed product/service prototype
  • Working to gain traction with customers
  • Working to commercialize their value proposition

Entries are based on the above criteria and participants are invited to apply from all universities, colleges, incubators, SME support organizations, and the private sector, from S Africa, Namibia, Botswana and any other country in the region.

Scholarship is based on

a) commitment of the entrepreneur and her/his team to their venture

b) willingness and commitment* to invest the time and effort to do the necessary work that the program demands.

The WF Start-Up Lab program is aimed at transforming prototype-stage start-up ventures into sustainable businesses using structured processes, tools and techniques that allow each venture to build individualized approaches and models for success.

At the end of the program, successful teams should be able to pitch their business for raising funding with entities relevant to their type of business.  

The program demands a 15 week commitment from each participant with an average of 6 hrs/week for sessions and check-ins. Participants will be required to do work to advance their business in the sessions.

Duration and Launch date

Launch with selected participants: Friday, October 8th, 2020

Break: December 17th, 2020 to January 3rd, 2021

End date: January , 2021

Application Process

Registrations open now – requires 2 things for you to considered

  • A simple multiple choice form.
  • A 2-3 minute video using a tool answering a number of questions.

CLICK HERE for Registration

Limited seating so hurry up!

Scholarship acceptance via rolling selection process and registrations will close as soon as the seats are full.

Access to end of program resources  – based on validation by a global jury to open additional resources.

  • AWS credits up to $5000.
  • Pitching to regional and global WF partner investors.
  • Ongoing mentorship
  • International network exposure and connects.

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