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Managing Performance at Scale

If you’re awesome, you’ll succeed. If you succeed, then you’ll grow. As you grow, the scale will change everything and, then, you won’t be awesome anymore – unless, that is, you change a lot of what made you awesome in the first place! This, then, is the Scale Up Paradox. Because what got you here,...

Active Investors in African Startups and what they’re looking for

The most active investors in African startups were recently revealed in Disrupt Africa’s 2017 African Tech Startups Funding Report. The list is dominated by US-based venture capital (VC) funds with the exception of Algebra Ventures, an Egyptian venture fund; Kalon Ventures, a South Africa-based section 12J venture capital fund and Nigeria’s Ventures Platform. These investors prove that...

Top 12 Scale Up Lessons VC’s Want to Share With Entrepreneurs

SiMODiSA conducted a survey on the top lessons VCs in SA would love to share with entrepreneurs about Scaling Up. The main question asked was:  ‘What are the most important things that, if Scale Ups did better, would change the game for them?’ Read more Source: 10x-e ')}